Note Corner is a new website for aspiring pianists, regardless of whether they are learning the piano for their own leisure or for any other purpose. Note Corner brings practice tips, example videos and new practice pieces to those hoping to expand their practice.

Note Corner is run by Tiija Rinta who is a music teacher, development worker and writer based in London, UK. She has worked as a Piano and Keyboard teacher for beginner and intermediate learners for several years. Having studied classical piano at the Sibelius Academy in Finland, she has found much joy in sharing her passion for music with keen learners. Currently, Tiija teaches several private students in London. Now she is hoping to spread and share her passion for music with like-minded people through Note Corner.

Tiija has also trained teachers on the use of music in their education work, in particular with children who have special educational needs. She has delivered several workshops on how musical and other creative activities can be used in the classroom in order to enhance concentration, memory and general enjoyment of learning. Tiija has also conducted workshops on the use of music with individuals who have undergone trauma, such as with refugees. Clients for such workshops have included Save the Children, Relief International and the Migrants Resource Centre. Tiija has written handbooks and articles on her practical work in the field.

At present, Tiija is working on new music education books aimed at beginner and intermediate learners of the piano and keyboard.

Tiija is available for private Piano and Keyboard lessons in London. Rates are £18 for 30 minutes, £28 for 45 minutes and £35 for 60 minutes. 

Tiija is also available for music workshop work. Rates depend on the nature of the workshop. 

Tiija’s official website can be found at  http://www.tiijarinta.com where you can learn ore about her work

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