Diary of a Music Teacher: Game Music, Film Music, TV Music…

When you think about it, there is music everywhere. There is music in the background of computer games, on TV shows, in films, in adverts, in shops, in shopping centre….Much research has been done on what type of music works on which settings, such as what type of music might make individuals feel relaxed enough to linger in shopping centres and then spend money there.

If you every play different types of computer games, there will be good examples of how different types of music has been selected to illicit different moods. For example, in shooting games, the music tends to be fast tempo with a loud beat, whilst in games that are primarily about building something of your own, the music tends to be much calmer with softer sounds.

Next time you watch a TV show, a film or play a computer game, why not pay attention to the music in the background and how it makes you feel?

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