Diary of a Music Teacher: the Great Beethoven!

Beethoven without doubt is one of the most wonderful classical music composers that ever lived. Mozart, Chopin and a few other classical composers make the same category with Beethoven, yet it is really hard for us to fully grasp the magnitude of their work. Even when studying just one piece composed by any of these grand master, it is mesmerizing to see how someone would have composed such beautiful music.

Yesterday we worked on ‘Chorus of Prisoners’ with a few students. The title implies that the song might be a bit heavy, but on the contrary it turned out to be very happy and cheerful, with a very bright and light sound.

When listening to some of these pieces, one can’t help but be transported to another place, to a peaceful imaginary landscape. This type of sound meditation can be very relaxing and really help with charging you batteries and getting rid of any unneccesary mind chatter. Try it out!

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