Diary of a Music Teacher Day 37: Outdoor or Indoor Concerts?

Since the pandemic, many large scale events that previously had been indoor events were swapped to outdoor settings in order to prevent the spread of any illnesses. Mostly, this has worked out well from all perspectives, even when the weather has been freezing!

For concerts, acoustics are a key aspect in ensuring that the audience can fully appreciate the beautiful music being performed. The challenge with outdoor spaces, then, is the lack of acoustics when music is performed out in the open without any walls or ceiling. This will inevitably have en effect on the quality of the performance, and some of the musical sound will be lost.

One way to counteract this is to have a gazebo or bandstand that will help echo off the music to the audience. The seating plan of the audience will also make a difference so be sure to have the seats close enough to the musicians and in an rectangle shape.

Overall, even if some sound quality is lost, outdoor concerts can be wonderful! Rather than cancelling concerts, we should without doubt enjoy them now that we can!

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