Diary of a Music Teacher Day 36: Guitar Picks!

We all know that when you start learning to play any string instrument, it takes a while to get used pressing the strings own with your finger tips, as well as to plucking the strings with your other hand. As you practice and play, this becomes easier and the skin on your fingers gets used to the strings, it grows thicker and pressing the strings doesn’t hurt as much over time.

For the hand that plucks the strings (for most of us who are right-handed, this would be our right hand), letting your finger nails grow a little can be very helpful and give a rest for your finger tips. Guitar picks are also handy in this case. Once you learn how to use them, the sound you create with them can be much louder and clearer than when you use your finger tips. All you need to do it to hold the wider side of the pick and plug the string with the sharper side. However, still practice with your fingers as well in order to let the skin toughen on your finger tips!

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