Diary of a Music Teacher Day 34: Invest in a Good Quality Musical Instrument!

When buying a musical instrument, it is better to invest some money into buying a decent, good quality one that will last you a long time & sound great! When you buy a good quality instrument, you have it for life. I have a guitar that is 25 years old and still sounds as though it is new. I also have an electronic piano keyboard that is still perfectly fine. And my sister still has the traditional upright piano that we all learnt to play on when we were children!

There are many promotions on online sites that sell cheap musical instruments, but those are often not professionally made and not good quality at all. For example, a cheap guitar or ukulele can go out of tune after just a few strums and so need constant retuning. A piano just needs a professional tuner to come in and tune it every few years and it will be fine for many more years. This same principle applies to most musical instruments and so the initial investment to get the instrument in the first place pays off, as there is no need to upgrade at any point unless you choose to do so yourself.

A good site to check out if you are looking an instrument is:


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