Diary of a Music Teacher Day 28: Missing those Lockdown Practice Sessions!

During lockdown, some students were practicing daily, non stop, dedicating really a lot of time for their instrument. Most places were shot, hobbies and activities cancelled, with student stuck at home. What better circumstances than at that time to really dedicate time for practicing…?

And it showed! There was really great progress all around and some students really went from zero to hero!

But then all normal activities resumed, places were open again, most student desperate to get out to make up for lost time. And so the amount of time dedicated to practicing went down…massively. Progress stalled and student were not improving at the same amazing rate any more.

My question is: how to maintain the balance? How to strike the right balance between doing other activities and still finding time to practice?

I always say that, to see results, it is always better to dedicate 10 minutes a day than to do one hour of practice at the weekend. Having a regular practice makes all the different, if not for anything else, at least for your muscle memory and aural memory for the pieces that you are practicing. It’s a lot to do with repetition and reminding yourself of what you have learnt so far!

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