Diary of a Music Teacher Day 19: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

With the clocks changing to winter time and it getting dark outside earlier, mixed with the winds and the rain over the past few days, the clear blue skies of the half-term week seem a long time ago! Do you also feel that the switch between term-time and school holiday time feels rather extreme at times?

Students have also been feeling the time and weather changes this week. Withe energy levels low, we have tried to play more light songs that many of them know. Nursery rhymes are always fun and there are easier and harder versions of these songs that students can enjoy playing whilst singing along! This week’s favourites have definitely been ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away’ and ‘You are My Sunshine’.

If you go to Musescore.com, you can find nursery rhymes to play by typing in the name of the song that you are looking for followed by ‘easy piano’, intermediate’ or ‘advanced’. Or if you are looking for a song for a different instrument, simply change the name of the instrument.

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