Diary of a Music Teacher Day 18: Playing through Injuries

As a piano player, one of the things that I dread the most is injuring my wrists or hands. An injury anywhere elbow down would definitely impact my teaching and I would most likely feel like I am not doing a good enough job!

One of my students broke her wrist a few days ago. It was that bad that she needed surgery and a pin had to be inserted. That is exactly the kind of injury that I have dreaded having my whole life!

So… Now we are having to adjust our lessons. We are playing scales and songs with one hand. We are singing along to songs that I can play to her. We are practicing note-reading and music theory. We are generally playing music and letting the healing properties of music wash over us.

What we have learnt is that it is possible to adjust playing the piano and carry on! It is possible to use one hand to play the base or the treble clef part of a piece. It is possible to still practice note-reading and to brush up one’s knowledge of music theory. An no matter what, it is possible to just enjoy music!

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