Diary of a Music Teacher Day 13: Inspiration from Pop Songs

We are often focussed on classical music and classic composers when we first start learning and teaching a musical instrument. Classical music is most definitely very important for offering strong foundations for subsequent learning. However, as we progress we should not forget that there are so many other genres of music that are also great to explore.

Jazz music is an interesting choice at some point for its complex rhythms and slightly dissonant sound. Ragtime is great for the piano as well, and rock music for the guitar and drums.

Personally, I enjoy experimenting with pop music that has significant piano roles in it. My current absolute favourite is Taylor Swift’s latest albums that she composed during lockdown with her old piano and vintage guitar. ‘Cardigan’ has been played a lot lately! This remind me of mentioning country music, as all country music performers are very advanced in at least two or three instruments and their music will certainly inspire you to try playing something different in addition to classical music.

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