Diary of a Music Teacher Day 8: the Cost of Living Crisis…..

So…the dreaded Cost of Living Crisis! There has been much talk about how the crisis might affect music education. In particular, private instrumental and singing lessons might be the first to go for some families when they need to cut out on spenditure.

In my own teaching practice, I have not seen any difference in how many lessons students want and families feel that they can afford. If anything, families have been saying that they would much rather cut from other activities than music lessons. I feel lucky in this sense; it seems that all my students genuinely value the lessons and want to learn music. It has actually been really nice to realize just quite how much they value the lessons and my presence in their lives.

On the other hand, I completely understand why some families simply cannot afford lessons any more. For those families, there are luckily a lot of free resources online nowadays so the children can keep on learning in their own time without a teacher.

All I can say really is that hopefully things will get easier for all soon an just the basics in life won’t feel like such a chore!

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