Diary of a Music Teacher Day 4: What Motivates Your Students

Do you ever wonder about what keeps your students motivated?

It seems that some of them have the internal drive and motivation to keep playing and practicing. They just simply want to be playing music and do it every day at their own accord.

Then there are those who need more encouragement from others. They need to be asked to practice and reminded that without practice they don’t progress.

Are these learnt habits for both or more innate character factors that determine the outcomes? It is likely to be a combination of both.

In my experience as a teacher, when a student has the innate motivation to learn and practice, they go far. Mainly because there comes a point when they need to want to practice for themselves or they won’t progress at all. Other people can try and motivate them only to a certain extend.

When students find the pure joy of enjoying playing music and being surrounded by music, that’s when true learning and development happens!

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