Diary of a Music Teacher Day 1

Over the past few years, there have been so many sudden changes to how music is delivered in school and out of school settings. Music teachers and students have had to switch back and forth between in-person lessons and online lessons.

From my personal experience, the initial change to online settings went extremely well. The majority of students adjusted very quickly. Over time, some got tired of doing lessons online; others started preferring it. In the UK, after the first three months of the first lockdown when the rules were eased, there were vast differences between how the students had learnt during this time of uncertainty. Some students really flourished and excelled during this time; others gave up playing music altogether.

I suppose, in general, there are vast differences between individuals in terms of how they took to online learning. Some people just naturally use technology without any issues or particular feelings about it, whilst others struggle and prefer face-to-face human interaction. In my experience and opinion, this is the most important factor that determined how the online learning experience was for students and teachers alike.

Ever since changing may lessons back to in-person live ones, I have also observed a difference in some students: some did much better and developed a lot more during their online lessons. This is partly to do with students currently being engaged in many other activities in their free time as well, leaving less time dedicated to their music learning. It is also partly to do with at least some students focussing better when they are required to pay close attention to their teacher on the other side of the screen. In live lessons, there are more distractions as well, with objects such as toys and books at the ready.

What are your experiences on this?

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