Electric drum mats: a great alternative to a full drum kit!

If you are interested in learning to play the drums but can’t even think of having a full drum kit in your house, electronic drum mats are without doubt worth looking into! I ha the exact issue of not being able to have a full drum kit in my house for various reasons and was delighted to discover that an electronic drum mat can serve the same purpose without fault.

The drum mat that I got can be powered by a USB connector that comes with it. Once plugged in, the sound of the different drums an cymbals are exactly the same as in a traditional drum kit. The mat itself consists of all the different drums and cymbals, and even the foot pedals, that a drum kit would have. It also comes with proper wooden drums sticks so that you can start practicing drumming straightaway.

I attach here a picture of the drum mat that I have for your reference and I highly recommend getting one if you are interested in learning to drum!

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