5 Key Practicing Habits to Cultivate!

Sticking to a regular instrumental practicing schedule can prove tricky! I often hear from students and their parents that it is really challenging to fit in enough practice time.

Here are my five key tips for making practice regular:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space at home where you can practice every time without distractions. Keep the space nice and tidy in order to always have a calm environment to practice in!
  2. Make a commitment to practice between 10 and 20 minutes every time you sit down to practice. It is more productive to practice a little bit every day than a long time every few days. Your muscle memory will improve immensely if you practice daily!
  3. Perform a warm up before starting to play your pieces and exercises. Wrist rolls and finger stretches are always helpful.
  4. Establish a set order of exercises and pieces to practice. For example, warm up with some scales, then move on to finger exercises and pieces.
  5. Leave some time at the end of the practice session to play something fun. It is important to find the fun side of playing music too.

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