Xylophone for Beginners: Lesson Seven

In today’s lesson, I will give you some tips and tools for practising the xylophone at home. After reading through the suggestions, spend some time looking through them and practising with the resources provided.  Today’s lesson will be shorter, with the intention that you will spend time looking through the resources and practising with them. 

The first resource is an excellent youtube channel that features several educational videos for different instruments, including the xylophone. The person who runs the channel is a multi-instrumentalist music teacher based in the USA. There are some excellent videos on how to play with two or four mallets on the xylophone. 


The other resource that  is a great tool is an App called Musescore. You can download it for free and you can have a student membership for free. You can search music scores on the app for free, download and print them without charge. There is also an option for a paid membership that allows you to download even a wider range of songs and pieces. 

For beginner xylophone, you can type in the name of the song you are interested in learning followed by ‘easy xylophone’. If you don’t have a specific song in mind, you can simply type ‘beginner xylophone’ and browse a range of songs.  


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