Teach Music Online Successfully!

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, much of music teaching had to be switched to online settings for quite a few months at a time. Some teachers and learners found the rapid transition smoother than others, and some enjoyed it more than others.

In my experience, online teaching can work well and be enjoyable. The following five areas are of primary importance when teaching online and, once adequate attention and care is given to them, online lessons can work wonderfully!

  1. Stable internet: obviously one of the most important aspects in addition to good quality technology!
  2. High quality microphone: this will make any music played sound much better and real-life like!
  3. Position of technology: technology should be positioned so that the screen can be easily seen by the student, and student’s screen should be positioned so that the teacher can easily see what the student is doing.
  4. Follow up: sending a follow up email right after the lesson with details on what was covered in the lesson and what the student can practice before the next lesson.
  5. Sharing of photos: taking photos of any sheet music that is hard to show on screen and sharing this via email after the lesson.

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