Xylophone for Beginners: Lesson Six

In today’s lesson, we are not going to learn many new things, but rather consolidate what we have learnt so far while learning a few classical music pieces.  Please only focus on playing the notes in the treble clef where the melody line of the songs is. 

The first piece is ‘Ode to Joy’ by Bethoven. It is a very catchy and memorable little piece. It covers several keys that are mostly held down for one beat only. A new note is a crotchet note with a dot behind it. This is a note that should be held for 1.5 beats. The note that has a little tale is a half note and should be played quicker for 0.5 beats. 

Have a go and enjoy playing this traditional classical piece!

Let’s play another classical piece. This one is by another famous composer called Hayden. It is a well-known melody often heard in films, TV shows and adverts.  

Again focus on playing the treble clef line. Have a go at finding the black F sharp key and also counting up the lines to find the higher notes. 

Do you recognise the melody?

Let’s do one more classical piece and then you can practice these until the next lesson! This one is a classic from Beethoven and, without doubt, most of you would recognise it. 

The song uses more sharp black keys so it is great to practice playing them. Again focus on playing the notes in the treble clef. 

Do you know the name of the piece…?

Enjoy playing these three songs and see you in the next lesson!

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