Xylophone for Beginners- Lesson 3

Now that we know the lengths of the notes as covered in our previous lesson, we will talk about time signatures in today’s lesson. You may have noticed the two numbers that are positioned at the start of a song before the musical notes. Most often it is 4/4 that has been written down. The two other most common

Now you can check that you played the songs from the previous lessons with the correct rhythm and counting of time. You will notice that ‘The Chimes’ was in 3 by 4, while ‘Old McDonland’ was in 4 by 4. 

Today we have two short songs that we will use for practicing counting and time keeping. Both songs are in 3 by 4. The songs are ‘Little Bo-Peep’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’.  When playing the songs, pay attention to the correct lengths of the notes and laying the correct keys, alternating using the right hand mallet and the left hand mallet. See below the sheet music for an example on how the songs should sound. 

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